Wednesday, October 1, 2008

26 Things October/November 2008

Breeze, Blessing
Crisp, Creepy, Costumes
Doors, Debate
Economy, "Everyone Wants to Help Ernest"
Fresh, Flight
"Gone With The Wind", "Great Expectations"
Harvest, Hollow
Jack o' Lantern, Just in case
"Keeping Up Appearances"
"Life is Beautiful"
"Much Ado About Nothing"
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
"October Sky"
Patriotic, Pumpkins, People
"The Quiet Man", Quantity
Rock'n, Relative
Shiny, Seasonal
Tacky, Thankful
Under Where (though the original version underwear could be fun!)
Vote, Venture
Wide Open, "Where the Wild Things Are"
"Yours, Mine, and Ours"
Zoom, Zero (awesome idea! I never can get past zoo)