Sunday, December 28, 2008

26 Things Jan/Feb 2009

The new 26 Things will begin January 1, and end the last of February. There will be a new thread titled "26 Things J/F Post Here", so once you've posted your shots in the gallery, put a link on the Post Here thread so everyone can keep up.

For those who haven't participated before, 26 Things is a photo scavenger hunt. There are 26 words/phrases, and the idea is to take a photo of what that word makes you think of, or seeing a perfect fit for one of the words, grabbing the opportunity. You don't have to list them in any particular order. Usually the word is included on the photo in PP so everyone knows what your vision of the word is.

It's not about perfect techniques. It's not about finishing the list. It's about having fun, seeing things differently, and thinking outside the box. It's about stretching our creative visualization and interpretation. It's also about seeing what everyone else sees!

So, without further ado, here is the list for Jan./Feb.

26 Things January/February

All one color
Every which way
Just for fun
Long and winding road
Worth a second look

Monday, December 15, 2008

POTD 2009 Weekly Theme list

Here is the new weekly themes for 2009!

Remember that anyone can join in at any time.

Don't feel the pressure of having to post something everyday. If you only post once a week or once a month that is fine. It is about getting out there and taking pictures and learning from everyone!

The weekly themes are something fun and if you don't post something of theme it is ok. It is a way to help get those creative juices flowing, and it can be a fun challenge to find something to fit the theme,

Most of us post pictures on our blogs. If you don't have a blog feel free to post in the gallery on 2 peas. If you are interested in setting up a blog visit ... which is FREE. Or any of the other blog options out there.

Everyday there will be a post started for the days challenge (Usually between 8PM and 10PM EST) and everyone replies on that post as to if they are updated. Then others will go out and look at each others blogs and leave some love.

The way we learn and improve is by asking for CC or HHCC on pictures we take. If you are looking for CC or HHCC let others know. Information about the settings and lens used are always helpful. If possible please post that information too. Also if you ask for CC or HHCC please don't take offense and get mad when someone gives you advice or tips. That is how we learn and grow. People are not being mean, they are just trying to help you improve your skills. If you are not ready for CC then you do not need to ask for it but please keep sharing your pictures!!

Happy and Healthy 2009.

Thank You for all the help getting ideas for this list!!

1/5 Start... Ready, Set, Go
1/12 Use of texture
1/19 Technology
1/ 26 Hobbies
2/2 Home sweet Home
2/9 Love
2/16 heart of the....(city, house, etc.,)
2/23 Before and after (SOOC vs PPing)
3/2 A few of my favorite things
3/9 Macros
3/16 Safety/ Risk
3/23 Emotions
3/30 Ways to save
4/6 Oh Baby
4/13 Motion (Spin, jump, speed, hop, run, skip, fly, float etc)
4/20 Earth, Wind (or sky), and Fire/ Try your habd at night time shots too.
4/27 Architectural Details
5/4 Girly
5/11 Flowers
5/18 Around Town seen by a tourist
5/25 Animals
6/1 Opposites attract
6/8 Backlighting or sunbursts/sun flare
6/15 All Boy
6/22 Dreams/pretend/Play
6/29 Patriotic
7/6 Faces in strange places
7/13 Water
7/20 Public Art
7/27 What is it? Extreme close-ups…
8/3 Landscapes
8/10 Hands, feet. fingers and toes.
8/17 ABC or 123
8/24 Shapes
8/31 Perspective
9/7 There is Beauty All Around
9/14 People, places and /or things
9/21 secret hideouts
9/28 contrast
10/5 Play that Funky music White boy…
10/12 Reflections
10/19 Aperture differences (Depth of field)
10/26 Black & White
11/2 Heroes/Tributes
11/9 Research
11/16 Noise
11/23 Silver
11/30 Traditions
12/7 Bling
12/14 Dangling
12/21 Cold or Christmas
12/28 Finish : A year in review